I’m a 47-year-old woman who has been trying to tone up since April. It seemed to work at first — my weight dropped from 218 to 203 pounds. But now I’ve stopped seeing any results.

I work with weights three times a week after 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.


There are a couple of key factors to consider here. Are you consistently increasing the intensity of your workouts? By that I mean, are you increasing the weight as the exercises become easy? If you do not continually challenge your body, the physical adaptations will plateau.

Also, have you changed your exercise routine? Do different exercises for your muscle groups. Your body gets in a rut when it sees the same exercises repeatedly. Again, adaptations will plateau.

I suggest performing different exercises on a regular basis. As for cardiovascular fitness, add one more 45-minute session. This will help decrease your body fat and will accelerate the process by which you will lose body fat.