A German pharmaceutical company developed Tramadol and it was thought to be less dangerous than opioid analgesics. Tramadol was still effective on the opioid receptors, but it was a synthetic, weaker, man-made version of narcotic pain relievers normally used, and because of its extreme differences, it was considered to be superior.


Tramadol drugs are generally used to deal with mild to severe chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis. Research has also demonstrated that depression and anxiety may be alleviated with Tramadol drugs, because it affects the noradrenergic and serotonergic systems, both of which seem to be instrumental in its ability to alleviate the perception of pain.

Side Effects

Immediate medical help should be sought if the following serious and dangerous side effects are noted: seizure; red, blistering or peeling skin; and shallow breathing accompanied by a weak pulse. There are other possible side effects that are not as serious and they include: dizziness, drowsiness, or weakness; nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation; blurred or impaired vision; flushing of the skin (warm or tingling sensations), insomnia, and facial itching.


Regrettably, since is development, it was thought that Tramadol was a safe, non-addicting alternative that could be taken instead of narcotic opioid pain killers. It has only been very recently that physicians and people in general have realized how dangerous and highly addictive these drugs can be, particularly when used over a long period of time and in high dosages. Seizures; profuse perspiration; nervousness and anxiety; odd feelings in extremities; nausea, vomiting and chronic diarrhea; insomnia; lack of appetite; and elevated blood pressure are symptoms of Tramadol withdrawal. Anyone who uses Tramadol and would like to stop using it should obtain medical assistance prior to making a dosage change. “Tapering” (the process of gradually reducing intake of a substance over a period of weeks or months, depending upon the history of usage) under medical supervision is the suggested method to stop taking this medication; making sudden, drastic changes in the dosage or trying to quit “cold turkey” can be quite dangerous and can precipitate many medical symptoms.

Tramadol prescription drugs are the only pain relieving medication that are addictive and sought after that can still be obtained via online pharmacies without a prescription.

Tramadol is also marketed under the “brand names” of Ultram and Ultracet.