Losing weight does not require a ‘diet.’ Instead, consider these points in relationship to your body and weight.

I want to share with you a personal document that vividly illustrates the conclusions I came to after years of struggling with weight management. This became the foundation of the weight management approach I developed called The Healthy Weigh™, which I still teach at a YMCA.

I will just give you the background that I had tried pills, diets as varied as the Rotation Diet and the Hospital Diet, starving, exercising, doing things sensibly, and any permutation and combination of these you can conceive.

Yet, even as recently as four months ago after having finally learned the only lifetime healthy approach, I repetitively found myself at 10, 20, 30, 40 and once, going on 50 pounds too heavy.

I finally understand it will be a lifetime commitment and that as I once read by the famous “anon,” THERE IS NO THERE.

So, I hope the below helps you in your lifetime journey towards better health.

Diets have the word “die” in them for a reason: they can, and do, kill health, even life. We do not believe in diets. Instead, we believe in proper and balanced nutrition.

Diets do not work, and the ONLY thing we can do “wrong” is to keep doing what doesn’t work!

Excess weight, because of health concerns like diabetes and heart damage is bad; someone with excess weight is NOT bad.

We acknowledge we have a problem with nutrition and proper self-care. We resolve and commit to a lifetime solution to learn healthier ways to identify and deal with the specific, underlying emotions and situations that cause these problems.