Now, wait a minute here. We reported recently that Italian women were working so much they were “too tired for sex.” Now we learn that Italian men are “cowed into having sex with their wives” in at least four out of ten cases. Meanwhile, up in Scandanavia, Sweden to be exact, men are at a loss as to how their role is to be defined in their sexual relationships, with the result that eight of ten Swedish women say they do not get enough sex and over half cheat on their mates. With whom do they cheat ? Surely it cannot be with stressed out Swedish men.

Never mind. We swing over to the British Isles and find that English women want more sex than the average, on average. Meanwhile, if those Turkish men from that small village that lacks running water in the homes need exercise for their libidos, it would seem that they may wish to consider a trip to Sweden or to Great Britain. Those Swedish and English women should not, however, check up on the gentleman who has mutilated his genitals in Peru, at least until he has healed. Doctors do report that he should be fine but they did not offer a time table for his recovery.

In light of all this information, is it any wonder that more men suffer heart attacks on weekends that during the week? This is according to yet another study. Some folks suggest that it is due to having to face the next Monday at work but we suspect that demands in the home may account for the bulk of these statistics, all of which makes us wonder at the results of another study.

It seems that despite these sexually demanding women, married men still live longer and suffer fewer debilitating ailments than their single cohorts. We wonder if this statistic is skewed by the premature deaths of men attacked by sex-starved Swedish women?

We may never know, but all of this may help to explain a final statistic, that birth rates continue their decline in developed countries. Who can perform under the stress of so many stressful study statistics?