Call them the anti-Beanie Babies. While cuddly, cute Beanie Babies are still the rage, another line of plush beanbag animals is gaining ground. These fractured friends are known as Meanies, and pre-adolescent boys — and girls — just love them.

With names like Peter Gotta Peagull, Hurley the Pukin’ Toucan, Bart the Elephart and Splat the Roadkill Cat, the Meanies are in such hideously bad taste, their popularity might make one wonder about the future of the generation that loves them.

Nevertheless, the toys created by New Jersey-based Idea Factory are selling quite well in the few stores that carry them. Introduced in October, Meanies haven’t found their way to the shelves of mass retailers like Toys ‘R’ Us. And the owners of some smaller stores, refuse to stock them.

The 12 different Meanies include Splat, an orange tabby that’s been run over so many times he has permanent tire tracks on his back, as well as Sledge the Hammered-Head Shark, with his bandaged snout, and tough-guy Otis the Octapunk.

According to Idea Factory representatives, these warped creatures were designed to appeal to boys, who love scatological humor and have largely been passed over by the Beanie Babies fad. An appreciation of sick humor isn’t limited to children, however. As with Beanie Babies, adults sans children have been noted grabbing Meanies for their own collections.