I temporarily hit 230 pounds this week, then settled at 231. I am close to losing 25 pounds. The momentum is there. I am still not a pretty site at the beach, but hopefully they will not mistake me for a whale this year!

I exercised four times in the same mode as last week. I wished I had more time for diversity. It was a very stressful week workwise.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 25 single-arm presses with 25-pound weights, and 50 stomach curls, plus stretching. My treadmill speed was 5.0, and I added 6.0 five-minute sprints during the middle five minutes of my time on the treadmill.

I have been diagnosed with a foot neuroma, a painful nerve on the front part of my foot. Any suggestions?


Sharon’s Reply

Dear Steve,

It appears you lost 3 pounds this week! You are one of the few men I know who likes cottage cheese for dinner.

Your flexibility with food choices and this non-diet approach has worked well for you. The fat content of your diet has been reduced within reason; you still enjoy some alcohol with moderation; you go away on trips; and you eat fun foods like pizza and hot dogs — and you are still losing weight! Lesson to be learned — there is no magic solution. However, with guidance, focus and motivation, you can do it!

Can you please summarize your progress so far? How have your clothing sizes changed? Re-calculate your waist to hip ratio. Does the record keeping keep you honest? How have others responded to your new look and eating habits?

You should be proud, and good luck for another week!


Armand’s Reply


Nice job with your exercise this past week. I am especially proud of you for stretching. Try to do this at the end of every single workout.

As far as the chest presses, I would like to see you increase the resistance so that it challenges you to get 12 to 15 reps as opposed to being able to do 25 reps as you are currently. This will strengthen and tone you more quickly.

Pertaining to your foot neuroma, I would recommend performing cardiovascular activities that minimize the direct pressure on the affected area. You are probably going to have to start performing more non-weight-bearing cardiovascular activities such as cycling, swimming and rowing.

Even though I know jogging is your preferred choice and most convenient, it probably places too much stress on your foot to allow the foot to heal. Have you seen a podiatrist about your condition?