Doctor plays dad again — this time to Benny, a shell-shocked boy who thinks he’s Superman. Can this sickly cuteness mean Ross is moving from playboy to papa before our very eyes? Bimbos and all, though, Ross still seems a more suitable candidate than emotionless Benton, who finds out his sometimes-girlfriend Carla is pregnant and he is indeed the daddy. Yikes!

More shocking news comes when nurse Carol is suspended indefinitely. She’s fed up with the contract negotiations between the nursing staff and management, and she’s freaked out that she accidentally killed a guy by giving him the wrong blood type — and nobody seems to care! Come on, Compassionate Carol, it was an accident and the guy would’ve died anyway, so stop with the histrionics!

Plus, no sooner does the fling between Doctor Greene and nurse Truni end than another one plops itself in his lap. This time it’s a beautiful, athletic blonde whose broken thumb needs setting.

Mark officially turns over treatment to another doctor so he and Ms. Bodacious Broken Thumb can rendezvous at a local bar after hours. Shocking indeed.