How many women out there like tight abs on a guy or a beer belly?
I hear from some of my friends that they dont like guys who work out alot. Is that true?

Personality and a sense of humor are more important to many of the women. I know in the health care field, but most of agree that anyone who participates in some regular activity, even though they may be slightly over weight, probably has more balance in their life and a healthy view of life. Those with 6 pack abs are often hyperconscious of their appearance and care less about the inner beauty of those around them.

I would definately go for the little beer belly than a perfect 6-pack! I have experienced this before and the 6-pack guys are usually totally into themselves! I have a wonderful man now with a belly, but his personality is so wonderful that he is perfect to me! He is a handsome guy too!! You want them to be healthy though, and not lazy!

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