It is definitely helpful to have a dazzling, white smile. However, keeping your teeth looking white and shiny can become more difficult as you get older. As we age, tooth enamel becomes thinner and therefore more likely to be stained by food and drink. As a result, the dentin below is visible through the enamel and causes the teeth to look yellow. When you reach this point, is office dental bleaching something that you should think about?

Office dental bleaching utilizes a lightening agent containing hydrogen peroxide and may or may not employ a laser; normally the procedure takes about one hour. If you decide on the laser option for whitening your teeth, you may get better results, but it will cost more. While most people will notice some lightening of their teeth (assuming they are good candidates for this procedure), laser treatments can set you back over $1,000 and many people are disappointed in the less-than-dramatic results that they get for that amount of money.
How can you determine if you will be pleased with the results of bleaching? The white paper test is one method that can help you decide if dental bleaching is likely to be effective for you. Look into a mirror while holding a sheet of white paper beside your teeth. If your teeth look yellow in comparison to the color of the paper, most likely office dental bleaching will be effective for you, lightening your teeth at least a few shades. If they seem to be gray, most likely dental bleaching will not change the color of your teeth, so you would be wasting your money if you have it done. If your teeth look gray in comparison to the white paper, you may want to ask your dentist about other options that may help you to obtain white teeth, such as the application of veneers.

There are alternatives; you may be able to find tooth whitening kits at this online . The original White Light Home Tooth Whitening System is a brand new product that utilizes the same light technology used by dentists. The difference is that the White Light System costs much less and can be used right in your own home. The White Light Tooth Whitening System will enable you to have white teeth in just 10 minutes.