The recently published data on chemo-radiation therapy for advanced disease was received with very little excitement among those physicians who have been treating the disease with this therapy for decades.

However, the data did mean that all patients with advanced disease should be considered for chemo-radiation therapy. The information is still being uncovered and new protocols are being devised, but patients with advanced cervical cancer should always be prepared to ask questions about this treatment.

New treatments are being used to treat genital warts, including skin creams and injectable anticancer drugs. Cyrosurgery with liquid nitrogen and laser surgery is also being used to treat human papilloma virus warts. Although warts can be removed, the HPV infection persists and recurrence is common.


Exciting work is being done in cervical cancer prevention with the development of a vaccine against HPV. Since a number of HPV types contribute to cervical cancer, it will be difficult to make one vaccine effective.

MedImmune and Merck have begun early phase studies on this. There are also attempts being made to develop a vaccine that would boost the immune system of someone who was already infected.