Of course, hair loss can be very upsetting. I recall viewing my reflection and realizing that my hair was falling out in handfuls. I just kept getting more and more bald.

Naturally, it is very upsetting to lose your hair. I used to hate looking in the mirror and seeing that my hair was rapidly leaving my scalp! I just kept getting more and balder spots. Bald spots are no fun, and they definitely cause a man to look much older.

Then I got the advice to use Propecia. Its active ingredient is finasteride without prescription. This works by blocking the hormone that causes hair loss.

Propecia is expensive, and it isn’t even any fun! Paying for treatments for the rest of your life is not a happy proposition, but no one wants to live with thin, dry, falling hair for the rest of their lives. Having no hair would be even worse.

Proscar is a less expensive alternative. It contains the same active ingredient as Propecia; however, it is in 5X the concentration. This allows you to divide the tablet by 4 and take 1/4 tablet. This will have the same effect as one Propecia tablet.

Proscar is good to use very early on to prevent hair loss. Once your hair falls out, it’s gone. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – especially where hair loss is concerned.

Are there any other hair loss products besides Proscar and Propecia?

I guess prostate enlargement and hair loss must be linked because the product, Proscar, is used to treat both.