Poets have always written about the smile and its power. Just one smile can turn something bad into something better. A bright beautiful smile can even calm down angry mobs. A beautiful clean smile with bright teeth, that is. How many times have we been mesmerized by a celebrity’s white, sparkling smile? Most people don’t realize that they too can have a whiter smile. Today there are solutions; there are a number of products on the market that can make your teeth whiter and restore them to their natural color. You do not need to visit a dental professional to get your teeth bleached; you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This can be done even if you have a small budget and not a lot of money.

The most important thing to understand is that everyone’s teeth are different. Everyone has a unique shade that can be matched to one of the standard shades. This is what you should think about prior to creating your goals. These products remove stains from your teeth. As we age, we expose our teeth to a multitude of staining substances which makes them lose their vibrancy, and it will not improve unless the right treatment is provided. Favorite beverages like coffee, tea, various sodas, and red wine cause a lot of staining. Several factors can lead to this. Stains are bleached away by the active ingredient carbamide peroxide which is found in teeth whitening products. This ingredient is approved by FDA and is found in the majority of products on the market. There are also a handful of products that have the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Stains are treated by the oxidation generated by the products. The whitening process will not work on crowns or teeth that have had prior dental work. So you should use the dental whitening kits as long as necessary and then have your dentist replace your dental work in a matching shade. After just a couple of applications, you will see whitening results, and you can continue with the applications until you get the shade you want. Then you can end the applications. For a brief period, the shading goes back and forth between duller and brighter until it stabilizes at a certain color. The results are a whiter smile than before. This is par for the course, so there is no need for concern. You must wait for the shade to stabilize and then you can have replacement crowns made.

You should think about the price; since all of the products contain the same active ingredients, it’s wise to choose something that is also good for your wallet. A few products have a special formula which allows them to bond strongly onto the tooth’s surface. Prior to selecting a product, to get a noticeable, shining white smile, you should think of these factors.

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