Sharon’s Reply

Dear Lisa,

Your weight loss may be slow, but it sure is steady. Your food diary reflects carefully chosen foods, and you seem to be staying focused on your goal one day at a time. Your work schedule puts a large demand on your time. It is difficult to get an hour of exercise in on a day when you’ve already worked for 10 hours. The food part of your efforts, fortunately, takes very little time. How much time does it take to make the right decision when you are ordering at the restaurant? How much additional time does it take to shop for healthy foods, since you have to shop anyway? There is now a selection of low-fat convenience foods if you don’t want to cook. Keeping a food record and counting fat grams do take a few minutes every day, but now you can see how your diligence pays off.
Just a few words of caution. Be careful about fat-free fun foods. Fat-free cookies, carrot cake, etc., may be low in fat but still have a good dose of calories. Can you jot down the calories whenever you eat these foods? Also, you had about seven glasses of wine this week. For a woman who loses weight slowly, this may be too much alcohol. It not only increases your appetite and adds additional calories, but it is also easily stored as fat.

Keep up the good work!


Armand’s Reply

You’ve done a nice job with getting in your workouts this week, especially with your job placing such demands on you. I’m sure the exercise sessions helped make you feel better and manage your stress. Whether it’s helping you unwind after the end of a workday or picking you up during the middle of the day, or giving you a good start at the beginning of the day, exercise is one of the best stress management techniques available.

With your weight training routine, I noticed you are doing three sets instead of two for your chest press exercises. I would rather have you do two sets where you are working hard to get to 15 reps, as opposed to three sets of 10 to 12 reps. Also, make sure you are resting at least 30 seconds in between sets of your exercises, preferably 45 to 60 seconds. This allows for ample recovery time.

How is your shoulder feeling?

With your abdominal exercises, how many reps does it take until you get the “burn” in your abdominal area? When do you feel fatigue setting in? I might want to give you some additional ab exercises next week. Let me know how your ab work is going next week.

As you mentioned, try to get in four good cardio sessions this week. Remember to keep thinking about variety as you have been doing.

Good luck. I’ll talk to you next week.

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