This week was pretty stress filled. My 14-month-old is teething. He does not deal with that very well, so consequentially I’ve had a few sleepless nights this week. I’ve been too exhausted to exercise like I should.

It’s also been a busy week with volunteering. Thursday was my last day for the rest of the year to help sew baby items to be sent to Africa. Also, at the end of every month I write, print and distribute our local elementary school’s newsletter. I thought I had helpers lined up to lighten my load but when the time came, I was working alone. By the end of the week I realized I barely exercised (I only got two 40 minute walks in) and had a steady increase of fat intake. I’ll be glad when today is over and I can start fresh tomorrow.

Don’t beat yourself up about your lack of exercise this past week; it will only make it seem like one more chore on your long to-do list and you’ll come to resent the pressure to fit in another exercise session. Instead, view your workouts as time for yourself that is well earned. In fact, it is as necessary to your well being as sleep and good nutrition. How did your two walks feel? Afterward, was your head clearer or your body less tense? In the midst of a hectic week, a long walk can work wonders toward put things in perspective and help you catch your breath.

I can sympathize with your sleep disturbances — my 12-month-old daughter frequently wakes in the middle of the night or early morning hours. It’s hardest on my wife who is always the one to get up settle her. When you’re tired from a lack of sleep it’s hard to imagine exercising. Amazingly, however, a moderate workout will give you energy and make you feel energized.

This week let’s hope your volunteer work is more manageable so you can pay more attention to your personal needs — try to get in four cardio workouts and remember to stretch after each one. Good luck.

Sounds like a tough week. Sleep deprivation breaks down our ability to say no to that chocolate chip cookie. You also have many things to do. You might want to take stock of your commitments as the New Year approaches and consider simplifying — so you can give yourself the time you need to take care of your health.

At the end of the week, average your fat grams. You had about 30 fat grams a day, but I think you may be underestimating. Pizza, hot dogs, sausage soup, pork and corned beef were your main proteins this week, which aren’t low fat. You did eat small portions of these foods. I see a number of sweets slip in, such as the cookies and brownies, probably due to lack of sleep and time. With weeks like this, with less exercise, you are probably going to maintain your weight. It goes this way some weeks.

Now you have the holidays to challenge you. Stay on top of your record keeping so you have a good idea where you stand and can make adjustments before things get too out of hand.

Have a good week!