Is being jailed unjustly and standing trial for something he didn’t do the only storyline for Nick?

Why is it that every time sweeps rolls around on Y&R the show feels compelled to put Nick in jail for something he hasn’t done? Is this the only storyline that the show can come up with for him? I am starting to wonder if it is Nick’s only plot device.

I knew when Matt came on that somehow we would end up with the inevitable Nick is accused of doing something and ends up in jail story. And lo and behold, there he was in jail right next to Wartman. His family beside themselves with worry, Sharon crying rivers of tears. Same story, same sweeps.

Now that Matt is dead do you think the next sweeps period will be able to avoid Nick being in jail unjustly? I am not so sure. The show may think up yet another villain or ridiculous reason to have Nick in jail again come sweeps time in September. I hope not because it is starting to make Nick look like a one storyline wonder.

Next week Nick is on trial, again, or is it the fans patience that will be on trial. The fans all know Nick is innocent, that the whole thing was set up by Matt. Why would fans want to tune into a trial where they KNOW Nick will be set free? Where is the suspense now?

The Matt storyline was compelling and very creepy. Rick Hearst was great as Matt. But the “let’s send Nick to jail for something he didn’t do” plot has been done a few too many times. Let’s hope that September sweeps can find a new storyline for Nick and for the fans. Y&R has the best writers in all of soaps, surely they can come up with something different this time around.