Okay, they don’t rival the Hatfields and McCoys. But Dodi Fayed’s dad, Mohamed Al Fayed, did declare that Diana’s mother, Frances Shand-Kydd, didn’t “give a damn about her daughter and her daughter didn’t give a damn about her. She can go to hell.”

Al Fayed also attacked Diana’s memorial fund when it rejected a proposal to buy the princess’s old school (which he later bought): “It is really very sad to see people who were so close to her, so connected to her, running the fund like this. … I don’t know what they do with their money except put on showbiz events, concerts and license margarine,” he told a British news program.

News that the Spencers and Windsors will mark the anniversary of Diana’s death separately on August 31 also raised some eyebrows recently. The Spencers will gather for a private ceremony near the grave site, whereas Prince Charles and sons, William, 15, and Harry, 13, will stay at Balmoral, the royal family’s estate. Due to the highly publicized rift between the royal family and Earl Spencer (who can forget his funeral remarks?), officials were quick to deny any dispute over the plans.

(Meanwhile, Al Fayed announced plans to commemorate the anniversary by encasing a giant image of Dodi and Diana in a dove on the fa?ade of Harrod’s, his London department store.)