This week was like an unintentional week off. We had nonstop showings of the house so I was not home much and we ate out every night. I didn’t have much access to my computer so I didn’t keep records like I have been. I wasn’t exceedingly bad, but I definitely could have made better choices. I, as usual, lacked fruits and veggies.

As for exercise, on Monday I did my weight-training class and walked two miles in 30 minutes. It felt very good. On Wednesday I unfortunately had to skip the class due to the house situation. I hope next week will be better. Things should slow down soon. I’m sorry I couldn’t do better, as far as information goes. My weight was 186.

Sharon’s Reply
Hi Elena,

The house-selling process can be quite disruptive to your normal routines, and to your access to the kitchen. Visitors at any time can certainly deter you from wanting to mess up your kitchen to cook. All those meals out should be similar to what you would make for yourself. Order low fat and watch the portions.

Even though you don’t have your computer, you can jot your food intake down on a piece of paper or a little notebook you keep in your purse. It actually may be more accurate to pick up the pen immediately after you eat rather than wait until you log on. Try not to get too distracted by the stress of the house sale and pay attention to yourself and your food choices. Weight loss is what happens when you live life and make conscious food choices.

Armand’s Reply


I hope you sell your house soon. I’m sure it’s a hectic and disruptive time for you. At least you got in one weight-training session and the walk. I’m glad the walk felt so good for you.

With weight training, you should know that you can maintain your muscular fitness level with one hard workout per week. However, with your lack of cardiovascular fitness, one workout per week is not enough to maintain. You won’t make progress. You need to do at least two, preferably three, workouts in order to maintain and improve your fitness level.

If you are pressed for time, remember that cardiovascular workouts should be your No. 1 priority. Get the sessions in any way you can. This week, try to get in at least three sessions of walking. Ideally, you will get in two weight-training classes, as well. Remember to stretch!

Good luck.


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