A lawsuit recently filed against McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy’s claims the companies willfully misled their customers about their products’ nutritional factors. Industry analysts caution that the companies must take this lawsuit seriously and not treat it as frivolous. Check out the New York Times piece on this subject, or any local paper.

There is no cause for alarm. Heme and non-heme refer to absorbability, not quality of iron. Iron absorption depends in part on its source. Iron occurs in two forms in food. Heme iron is found in foods derived from animals, such as red meat, poultry and fish. Then there is non-heme iron, which is found in both plant-derived and animal-derived foods. On average, 10 percent of the iron a non-vegetarian person consumes is heme iron. The body absorbs heme iron very well — it absorbs 23 percent of it. Between 2 percent and 20 percent of non-heme iron is absorbed, depending on dietary factors and the body’s iron stores.

To devotees of current academic feminism, there must be something faintly embarrassing about Andrea Dworkin. Whereas women’s studies trailblazers—and many of their followers—favor a torturous prose style laden with postmodern jargon, Dworkin’s own writing is as unadorned and unfashionable as it is wrathful. Dworkin, an arch-feminist and anti-pornography crusader famous for claiming that all heterosexual intercourse is tantamount to rape, has been on the scene for some time, and thus her ideological comrades would be loath to ostracize her because of her earlier contributions to the cause of radical feminism. Yet one gets the distinct impression that Dworkin—much like Mary Daly, another old-school provocateur—has outstayed her welcome: to the postmodern crowd Dworkin must seem so vulgar, so retardataire.

In the field of electromagnetism, opposites attract. But are there laws that apply to attraction between people? The world is full of strangers, so is there a guaranteed way of making two people be attracted to each other? Can attraction be chalked up to pure chemistry? Possibly. Scientists say animals of different sexes are attracted to each other because of chemicals known as as pheromones. So far, they have mostly studied the behavior of insects in regards to pheromones. In some experiments, it has been noted that pheromones enhance communication within a species such as ants. The terrible aroma unleashed by skunks to deflect adversaries is believed to be a type of pheromone. There are types of apes that rub[…]

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