In regard to androstenedione (“andro”), Consumer Reports cites a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in which the lead researcher states, “We’re just hypothesizing, but based on everything we know, the minute a child took andro, his normal hormonal development would go awry.”

Consumer Reports has issued a warning in its June 2001 issue about the dangers of sports supplements, including ephedra, androstenedione and creatine, saying that Americans are “conducting what amounts to a vast, uncontrolled clinical experiment on themselves with untested, largely unregulated medications.”

The most effective way to avoid having to pull people out of slumps is to avoid letting them get there in the first place. When new members join your facility, the best thing you can do for retention, and to help them understand the value of their membership, is to integrate them into your facility and expose them to all you have to offer.

Q.I love walking, but I always seem to get some kind of injury or pain. It’s my ankle now. I think I stressed a tendon or ligament when stretching during my walk to relieve calf cramps. Last time it was my back. I always walk a few days and then I’m laid out with pain or injury. I am 48 years old and 30 pounds overweight, and I quit smoking seven months ago. I really want to walk. Can you give me some proper stretching and exercise techniques to stop these setbacks?

We rolled from the bandstand to Queen Elizabeth Gate, and we waited expectantly as the marshals blocked the traffic to allow us onto the lower part of Park Lane. All of a sudden we were off, gliding out of the park, as the weather miraculously got better. We swooped round Hyde Park Corner, and I thought to myself  Hyde Park Corner scares me in a car and I’m doing this on skates, and then we were off into Belgravia, on our journey south. As we glided down the Kings Road the party atmosphere kicked in. Whistles blown, air horns sounding, as we swept past the most fashionable addresses in London. People were coming out of restaurants, pubs and their own[…]

As many of you will probably know, I’ve been skating for a little over a year now. One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do since I became half way proficient was to do a Wednesday Night Skate or a Friday Night Skate round London. Living in East Yorkshire, my trips to the capital are fairly infrequent, but a couple of weeks ago I found I had to take a few days leave from work, so I booked a train ticket, and this Wednesday I was in Hyde Park , wearing all my padding, a new helmet, and carrying lots of water. Chatting to some of the marshals before the skate, they were a bit apprehensive about whether[…]

Above, I share the story of my recent three-week road trip spent rock climbing in Wyoming. But what about the nitty-gritty, those deep-down details of how to coordinate and execute a successful road trip? Honestly, it doesn’t take as much planning as you might think, but there are some basics you should know before you hit the road. Below you’ll find a bunch road-trip essentials for a good time, along with a few no-no’s. Follow these guidelines, and how can you have anything but loads of fun?