It may sound ridiculously simple, but when staff is given clear direction in terms of what is expected of them, they typically perform better on the job. The problem in many organizations, however, is that the direction given to many employees ends with a general job description. With this in mind, Rochester Athletic Club developed a program that helps managers set goals and pinpoint priorities, while providing a fair, consistent method of evaluating their performance and progress.

The ability to get on the Internet while at home, whether to check your office e-mail or to do some research related to your job, is becoming increasingly important.

Should a company be looking at inventory finance, accounts receivable finance or both? When inventory turns over as fast as it does in today’s computer equipment industry, it is rapidly converted into accounts receivable. As a result, many companies are finding that asset-based revolving lines of credit that include both inventory and receivables provide the perfect solution to their capital needs. They can finance the entire cash flow cycle of their product from the purchase of inventory through the collection of receivables.

A Question and Answer Session with Jim Merrill, Vice President, Deutsche Financial Services As they expand, computer equipment distributors and resellers, as well as manufacturers, often have to manage higher levels of assets associated with their revenue growth. Like any fast-growing business, many of these companies are faced with the challenge of finding additional capital to support their explosive expansion.

But brand isn’t everything. “All the CBS brand does is accelerate the belief factor,” Kramer says. “We have to deliver…. We do not tout stocks. Commentary with a lot of attitude. We have no commentary like that.”

Rush to judgment? As more people go online in search of stock quotes, trades, and banking, upstart financial news Websites such as MarketWatch, The Motley Fool, and CNET’s are crunched between tightening deadlines, getting the facts right, and the euphoria of today’s bull market. “The Internet is perfect for financial news,” says Kramer. But not always perfect for accuracy.

Online financial news sites don’t just report on the Net stock madness, they get rich from it. Can they cover the market while being part of the hype? As Internet stocks froth up, down, and back up again, they have become one of the biggest stories of the decade. Eager to ride this wave, online financial news services are themselves going public-or at least hinting at the prospect. So how does a Net-based financial news service objectively cover a market in which their reporters have a financial interest?

Another way to save on meals is to plan your main meal for lunchtime rather than dinner. Prices at restaurants are usually lower at lunch and the portions are the same size. Mid-day is also a good time to take a break from the parks. So if you can, head off-property to get lunch and relax before heading back to the parks. Remember that, in order to do that, you’ll need to have admission media that allows you to return to the parks without additional cost. PARK ADMISSION

You don’t have to get a second mortgage to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. There are ways to save money and still have a great trip. Everyone is getting into it, even The Wall Street Journal. What is it? Advice on ways to save money when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

All kinds of “art” activities are available for young children — spaghetti makers for modeling clay, coloring books, glitter glue, jewelry kits. How do you know whether an experience really promotes children’s creative thinking or just dulls the creative process? Here are a few questions to ask as you search for truly valuable art experiences.