When Lady Mary’s son was determined to go to sea and his parents refused to consent, he ran away. After exchanging his clothing for those of a poor boy, young Montagu set off as a sailor.

At least when I write about a topic, I try to follow my own advice. So this past Sunday I went to a service at my local Unitarian Church, a group which I believe does not support any particular dogma, but that emphasizes community, good works and encouraging the spiritual self.

How would you describe the healthiest person you know? Your definition would probably include: Someone who is alert and curious. A person who is excited about new possibilities.

Is being jailed unjustly and standing trial for something he didn’t do the only storyline for Nick? Why is it that every time sweeps rolls around on Y&R the show feels compelled to put Nick in jail for something he hasn’t done? Is this the only storyline that the show can come up with for him? I am starting to wonder if it is Nick’s only plot device.

Here’s how it works. Someone wants to set up a real estate office and register as a buyer. If they needed a 10-module computer system, they could visit the buying guide and learn such basics as why they need a modem and what a hard drive is. “We assume they don’t know shit about the category,” explains Louvat. “A lot of small-business owners are not tech savvy.”

Between her mail carrier route, visiting the grandchildren, breeding Peruvian Paso horses, and running a small trucking business on the side, Joyce Bennett has little free time.

Okay, they don’t rival the Hatfields and McCoys. But Dodi Fayed’s dad, Mohamed Al Fayed, did declare that Diana’s mother, Frances Shand-Kydd, didn’t “give a damn about her daughter and her daughter didn’t give a damn about her. She can go to hell.”

WWhen someone says relationship or you start to read an article like this one, you probably think of your love life. Well, that is only a small part of the relationship machine. That’s right, I said machine. Everyone has seen those slick little diagrams of circles indicating the over lapping of certain events in our lives. They explain how the effects are not singular events or isolated incidences. I think those round colored bubbles are far too harmless and innocent-looking to represent life. Those relationship circles should have teeth on them, like gears in a machine. The machine of our lives.

How to find Mr. Right or at least meet someone broaching decent. If I had a dime for every time my friends and I have had that conversation in the last eight months I’d be well on my way to paying off the student loans I’m sure to accrue over the next five to seven years. Unfortunately, I don’t receive a dime and my friends don’t receive an answer either. In the issue of Cosmopolitan, the editors of Maxim ventured some almost-sound advice on “how to get a man to make a beeline for you at a bash;” their only flaw came in their inability to draw the line between attracting Mr. Right and attracting Mr. Right’s libido. Then again,[…]