Losing weight does not require a ‘diet.’ Instead, consider these points in relationship to your body and weight. I want to share with you a personal document that vividly illustrates the conclusions I came to after years of struggling with weight management. This became the foundation of the weight management approach I developed called The Healthy Weighâ„¢, which I still teach at a YMCA.

Exercise may be an important part of the road to better health after angioplasty, a procedure to widen arteries narrowed by plaque. Researchers found that participation in a moderate exercise program after angioplasty resulted in fewer repeat procedures, lower hospitalization rates and better quality of life.

Citing lack of sponsorship, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) “indefinitely postponed” its sixth-annual Fitness On Call event, originally scheduled for last Saturday, January 12, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This week was like an unintentional week off. We had nonstop showings of the house so I was not home much and we ate out every night. I didn’t have much access to my computer so I didn’t keep records like I have been. I wasn’t exceedingly bad, but I definitely could have made better choices. I, as usual, lacked fruits and veggies.

We all know by now that aerobic exercise is paramount to keeping in good physical shape as we age. But it’s also no secret that the minute some folks think of exercise, they’d rather just sit down in their chairs and forget it. Depressing, they say. Exercise takes effort. Have you considered dancing?!