Losing weight does not require a ‘diet.’ Instead, consider these points in relationship to your body and weight. I want to share with you a personal document that vividly illustrates the conclusions I came to after years of struggling with weight management. This became the foundation of the weight management approach I developed called The Healthy Weighâ„¢, which I still teach at a YMCA.

Exercise may be an important part of the road to better health after angioplasty, a procedure to widen arteries narrowed by plaque. Researchers found that participation in a moderate exercise program after angioplasty resulted in fewer repeat procedures, lower hospitalization rates and better quality of life.

Each of us has the amazing gift to change our way of life for the better. We can create abundance, improve our fitness and well-being, fulfill our ambitions and gain health, wealth and happiness simply with positive thinking.

While moving chi is the purpose of learning Tai Chi no matter what you’ll ultimately do with it, focusing on the form will help build defensive moves. To get a form and its moves down pat, practicing fast can alert the student to areas that need attention. Since the form itself, which defines the position of the body (arms, waist, legs, etc.) is the foundation for defending yourself, that is where your practice must lie.

Like many children, my parents often had no idea what get me, so they also gave me some money to get whatever I wanted at the mall. Even today, they give me some money to get my own gifts, but instead of wasting that money on Transformers or He-Man gear as I did when I was seven, I splurge on shoes.

Like most people with an admittedly selfish bent, I could go on for many hours about what I wanted for Christmas, even though it is still about seven weeks away. The nice thing is that we are down to about the last sixty days of the year 2000 and it is again time to think about presents.

Sharon’s Reply Dear Lisa, Your weight loss may be slow, but it sure is steady. Your food diary reflects carefully chosen foods, and you seem to be staying focused on your goal one day at a time. Your work schedule puts a large demand on your time. It is difficult to get an hour of exercise in on a day when you’ve already worked for 10 hours. The food part of your efforts, fortunately, takes very little time.

Well, despite all the anxiety and excitement, today is Saturday and I am not at my long-awaited class reunion — I am at my desk. After a very slow June, I am literally swimming in work. So I skipped this weekend’s event and worked instead.

I temporarily hit 230 pounds this week, then settled at 231. I am close to losing 25 pounds. The momentum is there. I am still not a pretty site at the beach, but hopefully they will not mistake me for a whale this year!