Q: Dear Chef, are there any low-fat alternatives to cheese and sour cream? I have tried many of those reduced fat brands and, frankly, they taste horrible. Chef: I bet you have never tried this before. Place one pint of plain yogurt in a small colander lined with cheesecloth. Set the colander over a bowl and place this in a refrigerator for 24 hours leaving the whey to drip away. The result is a yogurt “cheese” with the consistency of sour cream and a mild flavor. It can be seasoned to your liking by adding herbs, peppercorns, citrus zest or spices to make a low-fat, low-calorie spread, dip or condiment.

Q: Dear Chef, I eat a lot of fish, but I’d like to stop eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna. What kinds of fish can I eat that are more lean?

Q: Dear Chef, I love to eat fried chicken, but I know it’s not healthy for me. Is there a way to make a similar dish with less fat? A: Greasy, crispy, fried chicken. Yum! One bite and you can feel the grease seeping through your pores, but you’re in luck, there is a substitute. Try this.

Q: I’m a very busy professional with little time to cook during the week. Do you have any suggestions on good after-work recipes that I can make?