Take it from women all across this great country. Diets do not work! And if diets do not work, what does? Is it diet plans, diet drinks, diet pills, low-calorie meals, fat-free meals, skipping meals or food deprivation? No, these are not the answers, either. Once the diet ends, the weight comes back, almost instantaneously.

Diet, Exercise and Nutrition In general, a healthy lifestyle, which includes a high-fiber, low-fat diet and frequent aerobic exercise, has repeatedly been shown to lessen stress. Stress is one of the factors that can exacerbate cold sores. So following these recommendations is important, assuming that you are not on some other diet or exercise plan for other medical reasons. Medication Treatment isn’t necessary for the majority of people with cold sores. Many have no symptoms and rarely suffer outbreaks. Still others have mild outbreaks that go away within a week or so. For those who suffer frequent or severe outbreaks, new medications are available which will in some cases shorten the length, severity and frequency of outbreaks. In the early[…]

Introduction The sale of weight loss products has become an extremely large and profitable industry in the United States, as there is an epidemic of obesity, with physical appearances being focused on by the mass media. Appetite suppressants are an option that has existed for awhile, and they are intended to manager your hunger so you consume less calories throughout the day.

Q.What exactly is “stomach flu”? Is it caused by a virus? What are the usual symptoms, and what are some of the preventive measures and cures for stomach flu?

Q: Dear Chef, are there any low-fat alternatives to cheese and sour cream? I have tried many of those reduced fat brands and, frankly, they taste horrible. Chef: I bet you have never tried this before. Place one pint of plain yogurt in a small colander lined with cheesecloth. Set the colander over a bowl and place this in a refrigerator for 24 hours leaving the whey to drip away. The result is a yogurt “cheese” with the consistency of sour cream and a mild flavor. It can be seasoned to your liking by adding herbs, peppercorns, citrus zest or spices to make a low-fat, low-calorie spread, dip or condiment.

Q: Dear Chef, I eat a lot of fish, but I’d like to stop eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna. What kinds of fish can I eat that are more lean?

Q: Dear Chef, I love to eat fried chicken, but I know it’s not healthy for me. Is there a way to make a similar dish with less fat? A: Greasy, crispy, fried chicken. Yum! One bite and you can feel the grease seeping through your pores, but you’re in luck, there is a substitute. Try this.

Q: I’m a very busy professional with little time to cook during the week. Do you have any suggestions on good after-work recipes that I can make?

If you are just setting up your kitchen you will need a cutting board, such as a white polyethylene plastic. These are easy to clean up after. Wood boards tend to split, mildew and warp easily. Glass measuring cup to measure how much juice you are getting from a single vegetable or fruit. It is important for you to get a handle on how much veggie juice you are mixing with another juice. For example beets have a very cleansing reaction, they are wonderful for the liver, however, must be limited in quantity. Where as carrot juice can be used for just about anything and people tends to drink an entire class of just carrot juice.

Getting started with juicing can be an exciting adventure into nutritional delight; or it can be an nightmare of machinery and cleaning and resulting in yet another abandoned tool. Here’s what to look for in a juice machine, and other accessories that will make your juicing more pleasurable.