Poets have always written about the smile and its power. Just one smile can turn something bad into something better. A bright beautiful smile can even calm down angry mobs. A beautiful clean smile with bright teeth, that is. How many times have we been mesmerized by a celebrity’s white, sparkling smile? Most people don’t realize that they too can have a whiter smile. Today there are solutions; there are a number of products on the market that can make your teeth whiter and restore them to their natural color.

It is definitely helpful to have a dazzling, white smile. However, keeping your teeth looking white and shiny can become more difficult as you get older. As we age, tooth enamel becomes thinner and therefore more likely to be stained by food and drink. As a result, the dentin below is visible through the enamel and causes the teeth to look yellow. When you reach this point, is office dental bleaching something that you should think about? Office dental bleaching utilizes a lightening agent containing hydrogen peroxide and may or may not employ a laser; normally the procedure takes about one hour. If you decide on the laser option for whitening your teeth, you may get better results, but it[…]