The latest styles for summer seem to include a lot of spaghetti strap tops. For most of these, you can’t have your bra straps showing. But what about us chestier people? I am a C cup and can’t go without a bra, and the tops don’t have any support. I want to wear the cute tops, but I don’t want everyone to see everything. Help!

It appears that the spaghetti strap trend is being perpetuated by women who are jealous of other women who actually have to wear a bra. This is the one case when being flat-chested is desirable. If you’re big-breasted and you want to wear skimpy little shirts, well, you’re pretty much out of luck.

They are for the small of bosom. What you can do instead is wear a tank top with slightly wider straps that will hide your bra straps. A tank is a little more classic but almost as much fun.

But if you’re bound and determined to sport a thin-strapped top, you can pull it off with your bra straps hanging out (think what that look did for Madonna). Just be sure to look for a top that is cut slightly high in the front and back so that the top of your bra cups don’t show.