A number of years ago, I had a very bad electrolysis job done on my eyebrows. I now have uneven, thin brows. It takes me more than two hours each morning to try and pencil/shape my eyebrows. How do I find a good eyebrow makeup artist who could perhaps help me learn how to shape them properly?

Unfortunately for you, you learned the first law of hair removal the hard way: Never permanently remove something that you might want at a later date.

Electrolysis is fine for the chin, the lip or the bikini area because it will never, ever be fashionable for a woman to have a beard, a mustache or unsightly bikini overgrowth. Shaping the eyebrows is a much more delicate situation. Eyebrow widths and shapes come and go almost as often as hemlines, so it’s better to pluck them. Of course, you don’t want to be hearing this after the fact so….

Here are my suggestions:

One of the best places to find makeup artists is at a salon. If you trust your hair stylist’s opinion, ask if he or she knows a makeup artist who is good with brows.

Pay a visit to (and I know this is going to make you nervous based on your last brow experience, but bear with me here) the makeup counter of a line started by a makeup artist. A couple come to mind: Nars, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier — all were started by world famous makeup artists.

Try a makeup book (like Cindy Crawford’s) that gives just such tips. It’s not going to elevate you to supermodel status, but it might give you some useful daily hints.