How many women out there like tight abs on a guy or a beer belly? I hear from some of my friends that they dont like guys who work out alot. Is that true? Personality and a sense of humor are more important to many of the women.

Maybe it’s meditation, or perhaps you call it prayer. Whatever the title you put on it, regular time for introspective thought and absolute quiet are essential to mental health.

A lawsuit recently filed against McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy’s claims the companies willfully misled their customers about their products’ nutritional factors. Industry analysts caution that the companies must take this lawsuit seriously and not treat it as frivolous. Check out the New York Times piece on this subject, or any local paper.

Losing weight does not require a ‘diet.’ Instead, consider these points in relationship to your body and weight. I want to share with you a personal document that vividly illustrates the conclusions I came to after years of struggling with weight management. This became the foundation of the weight management approach I developed called The Healthy Weigh™, which I still teach at a YMCA.

Take it from women all across this great country. Diets do not work! And if diets do not work, what does? Is it diet plans, diet drinks, diet pills, low-calorie meals, fat-free meals, skipping meals or food deprivation? No, these are not the answers, either. Once the diet ends, the weight comes back, almost instantaneously.

Exercise may be an important part of the road to better health after angioplasty, a procedure to widen arteries narrowed by plaque. Researchers found that participation in a moderate exercise program after angioplasty resulted in fewer repeat procedures, lower hospitalization rates and better quality of life.

Each of us has the amazing gift to change our way of life for the better. We can create abundance, improve our fitness and well-being, fulfill our ambitions and gain health, wealth and happiness simply with positive thinking.

While moving chi is the purpose of learning Tai Chi no matter what you’ll ultimately do with it, focusing on the form will help build defensive moves. To get a form and its moves down pat, practicing fast can alert the student to areas that need attention. Since the form itself, which defines the position of the body (arms, waist, legs, etc.) is the foundation for defending yourself, that is where your practice must lie.

In regard to androstenedione (“andro”), Consumer Reports cites a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in which the lead researcher states, “We’re just hypothesizing, but based on everything we know, the minute a child took andro, his normal hormonal development would go awry.”